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    Welcome to Rocky Creek Winery

    Sustainable and 100% Locally Grown; Try our “WOW” factor and chocolate!

    Cowichan’s most award-winning winery

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    We are back in the season again and it feels so long.  We are open Fridays and Saturdays starting April 4.  We are open 11 to 4 pm.  If the weather is good, also think about coming for a glass outside with a picnic or purchase some local cheese.  Starting in May open 6 days a week Wed – Mon..  Love to see you…take time to enjoy at your pace!


    Look for us

    See our News and Events

    Look for us and information on our blogs and news. We are doing online gift baskets for Vancouver Island only.  So we are open and also starting May is our first event for Hats Off to Clara Hugh’s, VicFest, Taste, MS Grape Escape, just to mention a few.  Happy Spring!

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    Flower of the Month


    Just after all the rain; it seems like the sun is wanting to shine.  A daffodil seems to grow so well everywhere–in grass, borders, around trees and container pots.  It’s nice because the rabbits don’t seem to chomp at them!  It is a bold yellow color that radiates color and rejuvenation.  These work well in container pots and every year pop up, some of the other bulbs are a bit dodgy in the pots.

    Recipe of the Month

    Gourmet Fish Tacos

    Using Pinot Gris, Siegerrebe or even Robin’s Rose

    This is a great recipe we used with the author Troy Townsin at a cooking demo a few years back and sticks with us.  It does very well with flavour and is so easy to make.  The touches of sour cream and reducing the sauce work to enhance it as well.  We serve it in taco shells but just fresh lime tortilla chips to dip into it works also.  Enjoy!

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      Current Hours

      April: Fri/Sat 11 to 4; May to Sep: Wed-Mon 11 to 4 pm. Visit Us


    Our Story

    Our Story

    Both of us worked in the oil industry in the 1980s and 1990s.  We went from corporate suits to gumboots.

    Mark is 3rd generation winemaker so it’s definitely in his blood.  We wanted to create our own heritage winery; yet never had a farm at that time.  So, we thought outside the box and started the first home-based winery in Canada on Rocky Creek and moved now to our existing location with 10 acres and still growing.  Now one of our daughters is wanting to become our 2nd generation winemaker!

    Our mission statement is to create, develop and operate a small family-run business that produces high quality wines that are enjoyable. The key to our success is our passion to make the highest quality wines from grapes grown only on Vancouver Island. We also strive to enter our wines in competitions that promote wines of excellence. Our passion is for quality, not quantity.


    kurt knock


    When we started planning our estate vineyard in Cowichan Bay, we immediately started thinking about how we could incorporate sustainability into the design. Mark is an environmental engineer and ”going green” is just a part of our normal practices. Key components were the selection of our varietals, layout and design of the vineyard. We also have left as much existing vegetation and landscape as possible to include the existing biodiversity of our acreage. We also incorporated reductions of water and heat in our winery. The winemaking process also involves using as little chemicals as possible. See further into each section of the vineyard and winery to find out specific examples.

    katherine picking
    Our Tasting Room

    Our Tasting Room

    Our tasting room is only open by appointment for sales now.  Starting April with only Fridays and Saturdays to start from 11 to 4pm; then May to Sept six days a week. 

    For those of you interested in what happens during the spring/summer season:  Meet the owners in the tasting room or if it’s too busy, we have beautiful gardens where you can just enjoy the wines outside.  See Go Island video from last year to show you what you can expect!  You can bring your picnic or we do have a cheese plate available for $12.  You can enjoy a glass of wine for $5 a glass or flight of wines for variety.  All our spaces after the tastings is outside, so it is weather dependent at our place but great views!  We are south and west views.  The Café is our outdoor patio area with table and chairs or a sectional to relax and listen to some outdoor music from our speakers.  The areas around the gardens have chairs to sit in more relaxed; we do even have a picnic blanket if you want to sit on the grass.  Take some time to relax on your pace! 

    patio shot
    Group Tours, etc.

    Group Tours, etc.

    We can only do a group tour minimum of 10 people.  We need advance notice; there is a $5 fee per person fee.  We require this fee to be non-refundable; however, always allow a chance to waive the fee after the experience.  Your group booking ensures that your group alone is tasting with the owners. You may chose the wines;  we can pre-order picnic lunches from Farm’s Gate Food and Catering, minimum 15 ppl.  (The lunches will need at least 3 days advance notice.)  We can also do cheese plates for your group as well; so, stay longer and enjoy food wine and the outdoors!

    We are also getting requests for weddings. You can have your wedding vows in the vineyard and afterwards do a wine tasting with your guests or rent the vineyard for the evening dinner complete with our wines.  The arrangements must be made by yourself and we have all the connections you may need.  Contact us if you are interested. 










    walking vineyard
    Who we are

    Who we are

    We are a family run winery with the passion to pass this on to our next generation.  We want to develop this beautiful region that we live in and think this is a great destination spot to travel or live here.  We live vicariously through all of you coming to visit us and our area reflects how we like to enjoy life and travel.  We strive to maintain a reasonable living while enjoying the quality of life within our family, friends, and relationships.  Our daughters have been a big part of helping around the winery and we even name wines after them because we are proud of all their help.  We have four key areas that we work on each year:

    • True to the region
    • Consistent
    • Innovative
    • Quality Wines
    mark and I purple shirt




    Silver MedalTreat yourself!  89 Points  ”Nice Brightness Here”.  Great closure that keeps bubbles all week!  Crisp taste like a fresh fruity wine.  It has a creamy palate of fruit and hints of rose petals with a dry, slightly mineral finish…

    PRICE $24




    • Popcorn


    • Brie Cheese

      Brie Cheese

    • Chocolate Covered Berries

      Chocolate Covered Berries

    Pinot Gris

    Pinot Gris

    2013 Vintage released!  “Fantastic example of a well-crafted Pinot Gris”.  Our Best Seller.  Try our liquid sunshine! Enjoy the beautiful salmon color from a  short skin contact to enhance the mouth feel…

    PRICE $18.50




    • Sushi


    • Spicy Prawns

      Spicy Prawns

    • Fried Chicken

      Fried Chicken

    Pinot Noir

    Pinot Noir

    “A treat well worth searching for” 89 Points Good aroma and spicyness!  Flavours of fruit, cloves and pepper.  Discover a new flavour with every meal and dive into an adventure.  French oak….

    PRICE $22.50




    • Salmon


    • Pork


    • Spaghetti


    On the Mark

    On the Mark

    Bronze MedalEasy Drinking and Inviting! Bronze Medal Winner at Fingerlakes International in New York State.  Our patio and BBQ wine named after the winemaker whose passion is to make great reds. It’s our sustainable choice because of grape choices and our vineyard practices….

    PRICE $17.50




    • Steak


    • Grilled Beef Burgers

      Grilled Beef Burgers

    • Grilled Eggplant

      Grilled Eggplant

    Robin’s Rosé

    Robin’s Rosé

    New release available!  Robin’s Rose is a special wine named after our daughter Robin. Great with a homemade salsa.  When white won’t do and red is too much….

    PRICE $18




    • Nachos


    • Westcoast Dungeness Crab

      Westcoast Dungeness Crab

    • Baby Back Ribs

      Baby Back Ribs

    José’s Tempranillo

    José’s Tempranillo

    Silver MedalTHE only island-grown Tempranillo red wine made!  In memory of José Rodrigo whose dream was to grow Spanish grapes in the Cowichan Valley.  This is a memory about him and also a fundraiser.  The next vintage is ready!  Taste the sunshine…

    PRICE $50




    • Tapas


    • Paella


    • Filet Mignon

      Filet Mignon

    Wild Blackberry

    Wild Blackberry

    Gold MedalOur Gold Medal winner!  Try our “WOW” factor.  “Best dessert wine of 2012″.  Before dinner, after dinner or mix it in cocktails!  This is a sweet wine but has a dry finish…

    PRICE $20




    • Chocolate


    • Cheese


    • Lamb




    New release available! 90 points “here is an exotic wine to enjoy”.  Wonderful floral notes and a great white wine drinker’s wine.  Siegerrebe’s flavour is reminiscent of Gewürztraminer….

    PRICE $20




    • Fish Tacos

      Fish Tacos

    • Asparagus


    • Crab Cakes

      Crab Cakes



    This is something that we did as a trial in our tasting room. We are doing this one again this year and for those of you who loved it, please send me an email and you can pre-order the wines. We only have 20 cases. Not ready just yet.  You can always send me an email and can preorder.

    PRICE $25




    • Lemon Meringue Pie

      Lemon Meringue Pie

    • White Chocolate

      White Chocolate

    • Swiss Cheese

      Swiss Cheese

    news & events

    Recent News

    Recent News

    First Competition results of 2014

    Mar 31, 2014

    You know spring is here when wine competitions start to happen! Our first competition of 2014 was the Finger Lakes International +MORE

    Spring (break) is here

    Mar 24, 2014

    We just returned from a much needed vacation – the first big vacation we’ve had in years.  We arrived home +MORE

    Parksville Uncorked

    Jan 6, 2014

    Once again in February when the evenings are still darker and waiting for spring, there is a great event in +MORE

    wine tasting
    Upcoming Events

    Upcoming Events

    Cowichan Valley MS Bike Grape Escape

    Jul 5, 2014 - Jul 5, 2014

    Another year and a great time to cycle around the area and have your purchases in a truck behind you.  … +MORE

    5th Annual Father’s Day Pig Roast

    Jun 15, 2014 - Jun 15, 2014

    It’s back again.  We started this as the first on the island and continue this tradition.  We haven’t set out … +MORE

    Hats Off to Clara Hugh’s

    May 15, 2014 - May 15, 2014

    An evening wine tasting celebration to welcome 6 time Olympic Champion Clara Hughes.  Tickets available at Clara’s Big +MORE

    white dinner shot



    Finger Lakes International Wine Competition

    Wild Blackberry 2013 - Silver
    On The Mark 2012 - Bronze

    award winning wines
    Award Medol

    2014 Awards


    Finger Lakes International Wine Competition

    Silver Medal: Wild Blackberry
    Bronze Medal: On the Mark 2011, Jubilee 2011

    All Canadian Wine Championships

    Silver Medal: Wild Blackberry 2012

    Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition

    Bronze Medal: Pinot Gris 2012, Katherine's Sparkle 2011

    Northwest Wine Summit, Oregon

    Gold Medal: Wild Blackberry 2012
    Silver Medal: Jose's Tempranillo 2009, Jubilee 2011, Pinot Gris 2012, Siegerrebe 2012
    Bronze Medal: Katherine's Sparkle 2011, On The Mark 2011

    award winning wines
    Award Medol

    2013 Awards


    Canadian Wine Awards - Wine Access

    Bronze Medal: Jubilee 2011

    All Canadian Wine Championships - Ontario

    Bronze Medal: Wild Blackberry 2011

    Northwest Wine Summit - Oregon

    Silver Medal: Jubilee 2010
    Silver Medal: Robin’s Rose 2010
    Silver Medal: Wild Blackberry 2011
    Bronze Medal: Ortega 2011
    Bronze Medal: Salish 2010*

    *trial blackberry sparkling, only 12 cases

    award winning wines
    Award Medol

    2012 Awards


    All Canadian Wine Championships - Ontario

    Silver Medal: Wild Blackberry 2010

    Northwest Wine Summit - Oregon

    Silver Medal: Ortega 2010
    Silver Medal: Pinot Noir 2009
    Silver Medal: Pinot Gris 2010
    Bronze Medal: Blackberry 2010

    award winning wines
    Award Medol

    2011 Awards


    Los Angeles International Competition - California

    Bronze Medal: Pinot Gris 2009

    All Canadian Wine Championships - Ontario

    Gold Medal: Pinot Gris 2009
    Silver Medal: Blackberry 2008
    Bronze Medal: Ortega 2009

    Northwest Wine Summit - Oregon

    Silver Medal: Ortega 2009
    Silver Medal: Katherine’s Sparkle 2008
    Bronze Medal: Pinot Gris 2009
    Bronze Medal: Blackberry 2008

    award winning wines
    Award Medol

    2010 Awards

    Sustainability in the Vineyard


    What is Rocky Creek Winery doing to make it’s operations sustainable?


    1Design for sustainability

    Our varietal selection was the biggest challenge. Key consideration was given to selecting early ripening, disease resistant varietals. We had already started cuttings of Marechal Foch (an early, disease-resistant red) before moving to Cowichan Bay. For the remainder of the vineyard we chose newly developed hybrids just released from a breeder (Valentin Blattner) in Austria. In addition to 500 Foch cuttings, we planted 1000 hybrids nicknamed “Cab-Foch” after their crossing between Cabernet Sauvignon and Marechal Foch. We also planted 600 white hybrids, still experimental, which are just numbered, not named. So we have “#2?, “75-8?, “75-7?, and “48.05.49?. Why would we plant our vineyard with unproven experimental varieties? Because there are few, if any, white varietals truly disease-resistant. If we can help prove the viability of these new selections, we can help the industry become more sustainable. Disease resistant plants mean less spraying with fugicides; therefore our second vineyard can be organically grown.

    Sustainability in the Winery



    What is Rocky Creek Winery doing to make it’s operations sustainable?

    1Design for sustainability

    A key component is in designing sustainability at the beginning. When we moved from Ladysmith to our new location in Cowichan Bay, we had a chance to incorporate some neat ideas into our winery building. We use a tankless water heater, as we use hot water infrequently, but when we use it, we use a lot. We also keep our building heat on only minimally during the winter. During the coldest spells, we kept the heat on at 7 degrees Celcius; but, in milder conditions, we turn it off altogether and let the temperature hover just above freezing. This reduces the energy required to keep the building warm, but also helps with the cold stabilization of the wines. Our energy requirement is kept minimal, and the entire winery building is fed from a tiny 60 amp circuit.

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    April open Fri/Sat from 11 to 4 pm.  May to Sept Wed to Mon from 11 to 4 pm.  Also stay and enjoy a glass of wine, flight of wines or a bottle with some cheese or bring a picnic.  We’re waiting for you!


    Phone: 250.748.5622 or send us a message using the form below.
    1854 Myhrest Rd
    Cowichan Bay, BC, V0R 1N1


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