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    April showers

    Apr 13, 2015

    So you’ve probably gathered that we’ve been pretty busy this spring.  A really early budbreak put a lot of extra pressure on us to get winter pruning finished early – which we did.  About five days later the first buds were pushing out leaves, so just in the nick of time….

    We’ve finished tidying up the vineyards, collected all the prunings and just finished burning them so everything is pretty much on-track now.  All the initial bottling is done, but there are still quite a few bottles left to fill – we focussed on getting some of everything ready and settled in-bottle.  Now we will go back and finish everything in the next week or two.

    We’ve attended a great event in Vancouver “local’s only” which showcased some great Vancouver Island wines at Edible Canada right in Granville Island market.  Great event, and even had John Schreiner stop by to taste some of our new releases… His comments are in his blog but I’ve pasted below for ease.  If you pop on his blog you can see how some of our colleagues were rated as well.  We’ve sent out our wines to one competition, and waiting for paperwork to clear so we can transport some over the border to participate in some big US competitions again this year.  The paperwork involved in transporting free wine samples across the US border is incredible… and fairly expensive.  But I really like seeing how our wines stack up against the rest of the world, not just against other Canadian wineries… The Duncan farmer’s market is going well – we’ll be there every week through the summer so there is an easy way to pick up wines direct from the winery now…

    Last but not least, some of you may have heard about the government liquor changes… What a fiasco.  On April Fools they incorporated many changes to how wine is sold – which created a mountain of extra (meaningless) work for us.  We had to reprogram our cash register (completely), reprogram our accounting package, change all of our forms, reprogram this website, and all our prices have changed, and we are now required to post prices excluding tax, whereas before we were required to post prices with tax included.  This is because it’s how the Government stores want to operate, so they arbitrarily tell everyone else to follow suit.  So if it looks like prices have dropped – APRIL FOOLS!  They are just being displayed without the 10% Social Services tax and 5% GST. Got to love government bureaucrats making extra work for everyone else.  We’ve made all the changes, so if you are shopping on our online store you will notice that taxes are now displayed as additional to the price of the wines.


    Anyways… John Schreiners review of our new releases is below:  Cheers!


    “Rocky Creek Winery, owned by Mark and Linda Holford, will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. The winery opened initially in the ground floor of a residence in Ladysmith before moving in 2008 to a farm in the Cowichan Valley. They came to the tasting with three wines from the stellar 2014 vintage – perhaps the best ever vintage since grape growing began on the island in the 1980s.

    Rocky Creek Siegerrebe 2014 ($20). This is a classic expression of a variety sometimes called Gewürztraminer on steroids. It has bold spicy and floral aromas and the flavours are a fruit salad in a bowl. 88.

    Rocky Creek Pinot Gris 2014 ($18.50). The winemaker left the juice on the skins for 18 hours, extracting flavour, aroma and a hint of salmon pink colour. It begins with aromas of rhubarb and citrus that are echoed on the full-flavoured palate. This is a refreshing white, nicely balanced to finish crisply. 90.

    Rocky Creek Robin’s Rosé 2014 ($18). This is a Pinot Noir rosé (also 18 hours of skin contact) with aromas and flavours of strawberry and cherry. It is finished crisply dry, recalling rosés of Provence. 90.

    Rocky Creek Pinot Noir 2013 ($22). This wine has aromas of cherry and cranberry, with flavours of cherry and plum and with a Burgundian earthiness on the finish. 88″