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    Making Canada’s Best Pinot Gris – Day 14

    Oct 21, 2014

    October 18

    So, been a quiet week (not).  Nothing to post as the Pinot Gris has been fermenting happily away in 5 separate tanks, using 3 separate yeasts.  Been busy on other projects but more about that later.

    Well, all that peace and quiet finished.  Once the fermentation is complete the yeast settles out of the wine and sets up a layer on the bottom of the tank.  In time the yeast decompose and have the distinct possibility of releasing Hydrogen Sulphides and/or mercaptans – all of which have stinky odours not desirable in wine.

    So Saturdays task was racking, racking and more racking.

    Basically I carefully pump the wine out of a full tank, into a nice clean empty tank while leaving the layer of yeast behind.  Then clean out the tank, and repeat.

    It’s one of the critical steps that needs to get done on time, or things go sideways and you have to deal with unpleasant smells in the wine.  This will save me headaches down the road, so all is good.

    So since the Pinot Gris wasn’t occupying my time this week, we spent the week picking Pinot Noir like there was no tomorrow.  With good reason too, as a nasty fall storm has been threatening, and the soft-skinned Pinot is very delicate and might split with a significant rainfall.

    Luckily we managed to pick all the Noir, before the serious rains hit, and managed to bring home a record crop of them as well.  So far so good.  Last piece of good news, as we finished the one vineyard we could turn the bird cannon off!  One down, one to go.