Harvest Continues

So we're right in the thick of it.

All our whites are picked and we're right in the middle of picking our reds.  Pinot Noir is a little over half picked and Tempranillo is on deck followed by Cab-Foch to finish off. 

So far everything has been impeccably clean.  Almost no signs of rot mildew or mould.  Our harvest tends to be drawn out.  We rely on volunteers from wwoof and workaway as our picking crew.  This year I've also been busier consulting and have been away for a week after the whites were finished. 

But the end is in sight.  Pinot should be all off in a couple more days and the remaining reds are thick skinned tough grapes that can stand up the inclement weather quite well


It's hard work chasings Robins from the nets.

and from a couple of weeks ago... pinot gris dark enough to masquerade as a red