Thoughts after the Cowichan Valley Wine Festival – Fall 2018

The seasons in the wine business are quite distinct.  As we now enter the fall season, we look back to a great full time summer season that just passed us.  The wineries are all excited as the Cowichan Valley Wine Festival just finished up.

After reviewing all the fun we had, we already are looking at repeating it for next year.  So look to the updates as they arrive.

The wine festival showcases a unique touring experience where you can see where the action is happening at all the wineries.  Here we see it as a chance to say thank you for a great season and also welcome to the newcomers who are experiencing our wine region. 

We had some great food cooking demos and all were popular.  The recipes are attached at the end of this blog.  Cooking with great wines enhances the food also so don't be afraid to use good wine for the recipes. 

We are now getting ready for harvest and netting the vineyards.  This should be a great harvest again as Mother Nature has been cooperative this year.  We haven't had to worry about water in our region either because we don't irrigate.  So the drought hasn't affected us much.  So just wanted to post some pictures from this wonderful weekend and the recipes we cooked with.