The vineyard 411 with Robin


One week later…

from buds to flower clusters

Robin here,

See, I told you a lot can change in a week. We already have about 6 centimetres of growth and you can see already on this one shoot two flower clusters have unfurled from the bud, meaning that there will be two clusters of grapes just from this one shoot. This photo was taken in our estate vineyard on property, which you can get exclusive access tomorrow (May, 11) at our season opener, where I will be giving vineyard tours at 12 and 2 pm!

This vineyard is a little ahead of our other estate vineyards, which is nice from a vineyard manager point of view when it comes to getting tasks done, especially when its mostly dad and I, plus a few volunteers that help out when we need them to. At this stage it’s really neat to start to see the differences between grape varieties, which I’ll post next week, because even the leaves look different between the grapes at this stage.


The birds and the bees…

Here at Rocky Creek we love our wildlife, the vineyard itself is an ecosystem which we love to embrace and interfere as little as possible

Our management in the vineyard is like our tasting room and winery, small and personal. We care for each vineyard by hand, which gives me the opportunity to spy beautiful nature like this nest among the vines. The pretty blue colour of a Robin’s egg makes your stop and appreciate the nature of this industry.

We manage our vineyard with as little interference as possible, and our estate vineyard is planted with disease resistant hybrids so we don’t have to spray it and the canopy management is for minimal pruning during the year. We even kept the two ponds on property which are hosts for koi fish, frogs, blue herons, owls, hawks, eagles and more… We do like to keep the deer out though, as they see the vines as tasty snacks.

So stay tuned for next weeks post. I’ll make sure to take a few different pictures of our different vines that we have.

Until next week,