The vineyard 411 with Robin

Look at those vines go! Our hybrid whites off to a fast start.

Look at those vines go! Our hybrid whites off to a fast start.

As we head into June lets just re-cap the last month:

In the beginning week of May the vines had just gone through bud-break and had their first leaf unfolded in my first post.

In the middle of May the shoots were at about 4-6 inches in length between all our vineyards.

Now on June 2nd our vineyard with the experimental hybrids is at an average of 3 ft in length for our whites and 1-2 ft in length for the reds. WOW!

The warm weather, the occasional rain, and sun has equalled a great start to our growing year this month with a booming start in the growth in the vines. The vines are loving this optimal temperature of 20-25 C so there is quick progress in the stages of growing here in the next couple months.

The photo on the left is a photo of the same grapevine as the photo on the right but a month apart. That tiny little flower cluster has unfurled into what is now an obvious flower cluster which is almost into the flowering stage. You can see that if all the flowers self pollinate into grape berries that shoot will have two nice and big grape clusters.

The image below is my close up shot of a flower cluster that is almost ready to flower. The little shoots you see coming out of the round flower are called inflorescence which have 200 + flowers inside! The next step is called capfall when the green covering will fall off and then full bloom begins! This is when the vineyard will smell amazing and I wish the computer had “smell-o-vision” because it’s not like anything I can explain.


Getting ready to flower

My close up shot of a cluster almost in the flowering stage

So this week I did get a chance to spray our first spray of the season done for vine health and a couple of vine-related diseases that affect our fruit at harvest (botrytis and powdery mildew). The next step will be shoot thinning and leaf removal. But for now the vines are happy and that makes me a happy winemaker.


Until next time!

Cheers with this beautiful view of the gardens in the sunset.