modern wine

A new change

A new change

So this year we have decided to rebrand our look.  Our slogan is "from corporate suits to gumboots", so we are embracing that.  Our daughter Katherine has been instrumental in helping design our new logo and branding.   We also went on board with Maple Bay Graphics and Design to create a fresh new "creek" on our bottles.  

Our New Bottle Design

It's Mother's Day soon and as a mother I am blessed to have great children and see how have grown.  But I'm also excited now as Katherine will be a part of our journey this year in the tasting room.  Robin is on her last year with her degree to become a winemaker.  So as a mother and president of the company, my children seem to be a big part of the continued journey.

The Swirl

Katherine helped create our logo and design of our fresh modern look.  The logo is a creek swirl, but has a unique swirl that those who have studied "gregg" shorthand will know what the swirl means.  With the recent changes over the last 2 years in the tasting room and now our "rebrand", this gives us all new life in the journey and our passion for our winery to last for generations.

We also have focused to keep improving on all our aspects of winemaking and this year's vintage has just showcased so well already.  I'm not sure if this new look has given us a fresh outlook on life but it has given us a great energy that seems to make this vintage one of our stellar years.  Every year is a good year for us and we just continue to keep improving.

Linda Holford, President

Orange is the new white

There are many choices that have to be made as we get to harvest time.  Last year choices gave us a great intensity to our Pinot Gris 2016.  We didn't want to sacrifice the flavour of the wine to clear out the color.  We knew we always made "orange wine" style with our whites; but this year we wanted to let you know this new trend.  We also didn't have a clear bottle, and the bottle is dark in the stores; so, we placed on bottle toppers with this shot and came up with a catchy slogan "Orange is the new white".  We wanted you to  know that this is white wine made like a red wine with skin contact.  This is "orange wine".  This has been done regularly all over the world; but, there is a new emerging trend for this wine again.  Mark Holford wrote an article on it in the September Valley Voice.  Huffington Post has written an article on this as well called "What the Hell Orange Wine is, And Why It's the New Rose".

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