Great start to the growing season

Well, last year was surprisingly early and this year has been even hotter, and our vines are ahead of last year even.

Bud break was about the same time as last year, but April was very warm (warmest that even veteran grape growers on the island can remember) so our vines have been growing like crazy and are already getting ready to bloom in some cases.

I've almost caught up on vineyard work after our struggles in the early parts of this year - looks like everything is progressing nicely.  


Spring Releases for Mother's Day

Well, winter is over, and spring is here in full force.  We've bottled our whites and rose's, and will be releasing them over the next couple of weeks.

In honour of Mother's Day, we are releasing our newest wine - TLC.  TLC is a white blend  of Viognier, Albarino, Ortega, Kerner, Siegerrebe, and Pinot Gris.

TLC is named after Linda, whose name means "tender and caring".

I'll be pouring both TLC and our latest vintage of Siegerrebe at the Duncan Farmer's Market this Saturday!  


And now presenting....

Well, this is cool.

After 2 years of struggling with our old website, trying to keep it fresh and up to date (and sometimes even struggling just keeping it working) we decided to go in a different direction and completely update our site.

What is surprising?  Well Linda has always been the one wanting to drive the creative content, but has had a hard time getting the programmers to turn her vision into bytes... 

This time we've found an option where Linda did all the design work / programming herself, so the website is totally under her control and we can change *anything* we want about it on the fly.

Super cool.  

I'm so proud of the job she did on this, I think it's a huge step up from the sites we paid for, and it looks way more professional.

Linda, busy programming at her desk

Abbotsford Christmas Show

This weekend we had a good opportunity to be a family team and spend time with each other.  We attended the Christmas show and what a busy weekend.  We met so many people and want to take the time to say how great it was to meet everyone.  We also had a good time with all our neighbors and fellow wineries and distilleries.  It was a long day but the spirit was there and we are very happy to be a part of the artisan section.  The venues of farmer's markets and craft shows fits into the local flavour and sustainability of our wines.  We are so thankful that it is well received by the people attending.  We took the time to really make it festive and our daughter Katherine did a great display of our theme of silver and white.  Cheers to the season and this weekend really put us in the mood.  Time to keep decorating.