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Founded:      2004
Owners:        Linda and Mark Holford
Winemaker:  Mark Holford
Vineyard 1:   5 acres, grapes planted 2008, mainly Blattner crosses, Marechal Foch, cultivated blackberries
Vineyard 2:   2 acres, grapes planted 1995, Pinot Gris, Siegerrebe, Pinot Noir, Kerner, Mueller Thurgau
Vineyard 3:   2 acres, grapes planted 2004, mainly Tempranillo and Pinot Gris

Grapes are handpicked into small bins, as not to crush the grapes until the destemmer at the winery.  Quality control at the picking level.  Picked that day and processed that day within hours after finishing picking, no long time transportation.  It's a long day for the winemaker but a big part of the quality control.

Technical Specifications and Information:

We can provide you with Technical Sheets on our wines:  Below is a list and just click on the one you want to see the file on.