You can enjoy a tasting here but we also have some food options for a break.

Once you've made your selection of wines and feel like you'd love to spend more time here, we have some choices.  Enjoy our beautiful gardens and sit outside.   We have so many people asking us for a snack after tasting all day, that we have accommodated that request over the last couple of years and it's worked well.

Prepackaged Natural Pastures Cheeses - $10

Cure Artisan Meat Pack - $10

St. Jean Candied Salmon Pack - $15

If you do want a more substantial lunch, you can send me an email to preorder.

Cure Artisan Meats will make up a charcuterie or provide sandwiches/baguettes.  They do have gluten free options.

Prices will be finalized on ordering.  This must be booked ahead and prepaid.

Baguettes: $12.95

Platters start at $65

This is also great for groups to enjoy your own European style picnic.

If you want to plan for a picnic we have lots of room either on the patio, in adirondack chairs or even a picnic blanket with stakes for the wines and bottle.  So this is more a casual picnic area to spend some time here.

Cure Artisan Meats Baguettes: Order in advance

Cure Artisan Meats Baguettes: Order in advance