Larger group tours.  We manage the groups by prebooking ahead of time so that several groups don't show up at once.  We accept a maximum of 20 people.  For best results, we ask that you come visit us before 2 pm as we have limited staff.  There is a non-refundable fee for the large groups of $5 per person.

We are just 45 minutes from Victoria or Nanaimo so a great stop for your adventures.  Enjoy our modern speakeasy.  We can pre-order picnic sandwiches or a larger charcuterie from local producers with one day's notice if you wish to order food.  Cheese and crackers are always available  here for a quick purchase. We also have Cure, Artisan Meats and St. Jean Candied Salmon to purchase in addition.  Stay and enjoy our wines with the food or you can bring your own picnic to our area.  For larger groups, we would encourage your group to enjoy lunch with a bottle of wine as it is licenced as a picnic area.  

Due to the logistics of our winery, we are not accepting weddings on our site yet.  We do have our local wines available for your event if you wish to purchase local wines for your guests.