Each year we make choices at harvest what wines will be created with what Mother Nature gave us.

As our region is cool climate, sometimes we have to harvest when we have to, not when we want to.  This is where your winemaker makes his money.  He still has to produce the best wines possible with the harvest given.  Our cool climate region screams to us sparkling and roses, just like in France.  So as a challenging year started around 2008, we decided to create wines that are based each year on what we have achieved at harvest.  Also, we have two daughters who saw us through starting this business and we wanted to name wines after them.  So every wine with a name has a story to it.  We believe these special wines define us also as a region.  Also, our wild blackberry started as a way to create some unique wine from our region that has some port-like characters. This wine has turned into our WOW factor.