I have never found a wine that I have enjoyed as much as this blackberry wine. I just recently bought a case (and I have never bought a case of wine before) ... I look forward to being a customer of Rocky Creek Winery for a very long time.”
— Kazuko Turcotte, July 2017
This is delicious wine
— John Schreiner
So I’m hooked on Rocky Creek! Thank you and we treasure our bottles of delight that we took home with us! cheers,
— Grant and Colleen
Love the “pink” Pinot Gris. What a delightful surprise to finally see your lovely spot. Congratulations on all of your successes.
— Beverly and Doug Booth, August 2017
Wild Blackberry
89 Points, Top 10 Wines for Chocolate
Rocky Creek captures the pure essence of the fruit and manages to get it in the bottle unadulterated.
— Anthony Gismondi on Wine, February 2018
One of BCs top sparkling wine producers
— Troy Townsin, CBC Time for Wine
Great wines, very unique!! Yum! Best of luck to you; many more awards to come your way.
— Valerie, Robert and Sydney Harder, San Francisco, 2017
Cheers! Our gals today love the Rose and Blackberry and chocolate! Favourite stop so far today.
— Cheers Cowichan, Susan, 2017
Best tasting wine on Vancouver Island.
— Marlin and Bud Vitale, July 2017