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This is something that we did as a trial in our tasting room. We are doing this one again this year and for those of you who loved it, please send me an email and you can pre-order the wines. We only have 20 cases.  It still is not ready yet for the holidays.  If you are interested, you can preorder by email.  Can’t always rush wine!

This is a tradionale brut champagne methode classique. it is a very intense blackberry sparkling. The bottle is as clear bottle as you can see the color! It’s totally different from our special Wild Blackberry because it’s our cultivated thornless blackberries. It is quite heavy and will go fantastic with foods.

The fruit in naturally larger and not as intense so it was a natural fit to try this sparkling to enhance the flavour. This sparkling is so very different than most out there. It is a dry full powered blackberry flavour and a wonderful aroma. This is a frizzante style so the bubbles are not as intense. But this is definitely total blackberry!