We have a true passion for making this a heritage winery and hopefully passing this on for generations.  We went from "corporate suits" to "gumboots".  Our vision is more in the lines of having our French Chateau or our Tuscan Villa here.  Watch us on the journey.  See below as we are looking for one more person to join our team.

Our Team:

Mark Holford, winemaker

Mark Holford, Winemaker/Owner

Mark graduated from University of Waterloo with a Chemical Engineering degree. Then proceeded to work in the oil industry, While working, Mark decided to pursue his degree further and continued with the Masters Degree at the University of Calgary for environmental engineering. His true dream was to own his own winery and develop for generations to come. Mark uses both his background for the winery and also continues to do part time environmental consulting.

Linda Holford, President/Owner

Linda Holford, Owner/President

Worked in the oil industry for 15 years as a pipeline technologist working with projects both construction and maintenance. it wasn't something that was a dream just a good opportunity. After having children, kept volunteering on committees such as the town planning council, president of PAC primary schools and starting the winery as the sole proprietorship. Took this on as the other owner still had a full time job and then transitioned to a larger corporation.

Winemaker in training

Robin Holford, daughter

Started the wine business when she was 8 and was a big part in helping out when she could including bottling at a young age. She worked with us alongside and after high school graduation is now in 4th year at Brock University with a major in enology and viticulture and a minor in a science degree. She hopes to study abroad and develop her own character wines. We hope she returns to the fold.

Katherine daughter and photographer

Katherine Holford, daughter

Started the wine business when she was 6 and was also a big part in helping out when she could also bottling at 6. She has been around when she can but has dreams outside of the winery. She is now studying in university to become a well know photo journalist. Many shots on this website belong to her. One thing you will notice though around the area is her artistic influences and many pictures on advertising and in this website is her camera work. You will be seeing her in the tasting room this summer.

Barb & Larry.jpg

Barb and Larry Guenette, Tasting Room Team

Barb and Larry have joined us now for 4 years to share our story with you.from their perspective. They love to travel and have their own favourite wine destinations. We are honored that they chose to be a part of our team. the have worked in many aspects of the wine industry from tasting to touring. They love meeting people and we always hear great laughter coming from our tasting room when they are here. Looking forward to another great year together.

Offerings to wine owl.jpg

Sarah Yates,

Farmer's Market Vancouver

Sarah has been a part of our team for a long time as she is the daughter of one of our long term leased vineyards. So she knows our story, has tended to the vines and even bottled. She has the unique spanish grapes that showcase our blends. Sarah has left the island to pursue her dreams in Vancouver and we are very fortunate to have her at the markets for us. She is a great team player and is full of enthusiasm and cheer. Come visit the markets in the Vancouver Area and say hello.

wwoofing and workaway


We have so many people helping us over the years through wwoofing and workaway. We also have so many around our community giving us a hand. We love living in this small farming communiity and want to thank everyone who has passed our way to help us, to support us and also to tolerate some of the challenges of farming. We want to thank friends, family, helpers and neighbors on our journey.